I thought I’d share these… so very ‘Godfather in the haunted woods’. We’ll have my brother’s graduation party here come summer. We hear he might still exist somewhere on the coast there, personally haven’t seen hide nor hair since christmas.

Imagine this place lit up with red paper lanterns in the dark of the night. Could be glorious, the stuff of movies…

I’m completely and hopelessly addicted to Pinterest these days, you’ll find me there 80% of my day:

I’m feeling an itch to redo my blog design once more… or maybe my portfolio website. We’ll see. Merry Easter all.


I was distracted from my saturday reverie this morning by a little ping on my phone showing that I’d had +25 hits on my blog yesterday :o what? what? I’m baffled and compelled to post now, sneaky internet peer pressure.

My life is already quite different since I last posted… I was hired by the public library as their new Visual Communications Specialist, and I have my own office and I work amidst big high-rises downtown where there are people and shops and good food…! It’s all so sudden and seems so good that I’m almost afraid to talk about it, like it might not be real. After almost a year of hating myself every morning of work, of being afraid of almost everyone and anyone I worked with yelling at me for any reason, it’s a little strange adjusting back to what I hope might be ‘normal.’ God I hope this is normal and it keeps up. In the first week of work already I love it at the library.

My mother is looking to buy a house still, and is determined to do it this weekend. Guess I might be moving again soon. The ones we saw today were gorgeous and each had gas stoves and real fireplaces. God I sound like a teenager, moving around with my mother.

Last weekend we took a short trip to Santa Barbara and I had the most wonderful time running on the beach, eating good food, sunning, and hunting down a new variety of pink oranges (still haven’t found them, keep an eye out for me). We visited Solvang, I was disappointed by how hokey and tourist-oriented it was… though I’m sure they don’t intend for it to be the Taco Bell of Scandinavian culture, it may actually be quite quaint and authentic on a week day. We sang and laughed all the way back up the state with my sister, and came home to find my littlest cat had gone apeshit on a persian rug and my entire closet. Spent a day crying, I’ve known for a while that when she got to the persian rugs she would have to go. Soon she’ll move up to Knight’s Landing.

These are some chickens I pestered on our trip to SoCal.

I’m currently watching Where the Wild Things Are, it’s reinforcing my fear of unruly children.

so what’s up

It has come to my attention that my one and only reader has taken issue with the lack of posting on this blog. But what more can I tell you about my self-imposed depressing life that I don’t already fill your ear (or IM screen) with at work? 

Well, I did just do a photo dump from my christmas vacation on to my desktop so… here’s some of that.

That’s us trying to wrangle a normal sized christmas tree into our teeny tiny house.

This is a pickle we hang from our christmas tree. I think that’s an American thing we picked up.

This is the bread I baked for christmas. Good old beer bread.

This is where I want to move. It’s Pismo beach, probably an icky tourist trap during the warm seasons… but surprisingly gorgeous in January.

We ate there. That fish place.

Some more gorgeous beach.

You may not be able to tell, but that’s two butterflies getting it on. Good omen maybe.

See now I’ve posted something. Laura out.

some more photos

I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth again, sorry about that (to all one of you who reads me, you know who you are, Heidi).
Sadly I find myself losing interest in a lot of things, and listlessly falling into a depression about a certain deplorable work situation. Kicking myself for having passed up almost every opportunity in my life thus far to advance my career. Hating myself for still wanting it so bad.

Enough of that noise though, I get my fill of it without spewing it out on the internet. At least it’s almost christmas. Here are some more photos from the shoot earlier this fall.

the nefarious results

So in follow up to the last cryptic post… we got together for a photo shoot last weekend with Heidi, Heidi’s vintage dress collection, her uncle’s vintage car, and some of our friends (including my friend Laurel and awesome male model Thomas Dodson!) It was an enormous amount of zeebra-speckled fun out in the middle of nowhere (Wilton, CA anyone?), I haven’t honestly laughed so hard in ages. I haven’t edited more than a handful of the photos yet because of random evening kitchen mishaps and woodworking class, but here’s a little rough preview of what there is to be had!