some more photos

I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth again, sorry about that (to all one of you who reads me, you know who you are, Heidi).
Sadly I find myself losing interest in a lot of things, and listlessly falling into a depression about a certain deplorable work situation. Kicking myself for having passed up almost every opportunity in my life thus far to advance my career. Hating myself for still wanting it so bad.

Enough of that noise though, I get my fill of it without spewing it out on the internet. At least it’s almost christmas. Here are some more photos from the shoot earlier this fall.


Happy birthday to me! I am an illustrious 24-year-old today…and yes that is me in the sink.

My notable accomplishments in 24 years: took up running and lost weight, finished a degree (more to come someday?), kept 3 cats successfully alive, traveled the world (though never enough), gotten myself out of a bad long-term relationship, survived my parents’ divorce, bailed my father out of prison(with help) and weathered the ensuing legal shitstorm, got a legit painful adult job, fell madly in love, teaching myself carpentry and baking, and staying vaguely sane thus far. I’ve still not conquered the world or lived in a sailboat in Copenhagen harbor. Maybe I’ll get around to that.

I’m taking a day off today and heading out to Berkeley (camera in tow), I’ll try to bring you back something lovely!

(In other news, I finished my ottoman despite some mishaps, pictures to follow, and have a Finnish yogurt culture rye sourdough starter bubbling in my kitchen! I hope to bake with it soon… though sourdough breeding seems to be much more time consuming than I at first thought hahah.)


It’s been a little over two years now since my grandpa died, and I miss him sometimes horribly. I was prepping a post about the town house today and suddenly thought of him.

He loved a good walz, a hot sauna, and always carried rock candy around for little kids (he even hid some under his mattress when I was small). He didn’t get along with a lot of people, and was the center of at least one decade-long family feud, but he was my grandpa and I love him. I wish I could call him today.

BoxWorks + Xoom!

I’m afraid I’ve failed you all on the cool city pictures I promised. I had an amazing time at the Boxworks Seminar in SF this week, but didn’t even notice until the after party that I had no battery in my camera. Hahah… fail. So all I have to share with you are these little snapshots I took on my iphone.

Speaking of the after party at the Bentley Reserve, what little I saw/drank of it was the most amazingly swanky occasion I’ve been to in a long time. I had to run and catch the last metro out of the city before the band had a chance to start playing though. Sigh. So much for seeing Third Eye Blind :p

I met a lot of enormously funny IT people (IT Crowd anyone?) got my first ever convention swag bag, and was all around fabulous and competent in smart society…(hahah yeah right, that’s me standing in the elevator lobby pretending to check my email on my phone so as to avoid socializing…)

But best of all, they gave all of us all new Motorola Xoom tablets! I’m loving it, especially all the Google integration so I don’t need to sync all my random calendars/emails/readers/etc separately like on my iphone, it’s all there! Still <3 you Apple, I’ve not forsaken you altogether, I swear.