Ginger Elizabeth

Today Heidi took me to Ginger Elizabeth for some really guilty lunchtime chocolate snacking. I of course forgot to bring my camera… iphone will have to do today. :/
I love finding great craftspeople still exist in the world… things made with care just make me ridiculously pleased. Not to mention the chocolate.

On another note–wow! I had 121 hits on my last post on Tuesday! :o that is a lot for my little blog for those of you who might not guess… thank you DwellingGawker! I even took this little iphone snapshot to commemorate the moment <3

I haven’t really told you what’s going on in my life recently, in case you care, here’s the update:
I now live mostly alone, my mother having moved to Fresno for her new job. Living alone is really boring so far. I pulled my groin muscle doing yoga like a frickin’ month ago, and now it hurts to run, so I’ve been trying to compensate by biking and swimming and everything in-between… but apparently that is still keeping the muscle from healing, so I’m taking 10 days off until my birthday to let it heal. And I am going insane. I haven’t taken a whole week off of workouts since like 2009. My sweetie is being a trooper pretending I’m not a crazy person as I try to compensate with random baking projects (super into the Elmlid sourdough idea today), woodworking classes, patio reconstruction, spoon carving, fire pit hunting, canning, insane photo projects, shit tons of Jamie Oliver cooking shows, wine shopping and in general just running in 10 directions at once. Damn I need a workout, this can’t be healthy.

good things to come…

I’ve been remiss, not only in a lack of posting sense but also my budget management… somehow I spent $90 on a single basket-full of groceries last night, and today I broke down and bought a gorgeous vintage Dior sweater on Etsy (in my defense I had to, it was such a steal!)

Tomorrow won’t be any better, I’m being sent into the big city for a Boxworks seminar and an after party featuring an open bar and Third Eye Blind. So excited, it will be 90′s nostalgic bliss with fancy cocktails! But my route from the Bart station to my destinations is dotted with such landmines as Anthropologie, H&M and UO, I don’t know if my wallet will escape unscathed… and suddenly I realize I have nothing to wear to a nice conference anymore, I’ve out-shrunk all my business attire… silver lining I suppose.

In any case, hope to snag some nice pictures for you in the city, and my house is almost ready to show off so I’ll try to do a shoot here in a week or so :p

RSS oldtimer

I’m usually rather proud of being technically savvy -maybe even to an obnoxious extent for someone without an actual CS degree.  I can hack or at least modify most things to work to my benefit… and yet, when it comes to social media (twitter, RSS etc.) I’m completely out of the barn. Is that a saying? Well it is now. I might as well have just turned 70, I only use Facebook.

Shhhh don’t tell anyone, I’m rather embarrassed about this enormous gap in my social/tech  education. I’ll try to get those things worked out on my blog, but no promises…


What you missed while I wasn’t blogging… long story short, it’s been an eventful spring.

I fell in love and gave up on applying to grad schools in Europe. I applied to only my top school, the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts (DKDS), and got rejected. I suppose I disappointed just about everyone in my family. Still don’t know what to do about that.

I got restless, I took sailing courses, wandered aimlessly alone around the Marin Headlands and Point Reyes looking for lighthouses. I found the California happy cows.

I quit my cubicle job and took up a new infinitely more depressing one with a slightly better salary. I took up bicycling, bought myself a decent racing bike and now bike the 14~15mi. to work over the wetlands once a week or so. I named my bike Charlemagne.

I spent time with good friends. We ate, we drank. I started going to antique and thrift stores, collecting and fixing old furniture. Most of it is ending up white. It is one of the few really fulfilling, productive and cathartic things I have found in a long time.

I found out for the second time in two years that my father is being sent to prison, and then deported. I attended sentencing in a federal court with him for two days, I cried until I fell asleep and then I cried some more. He and my brother live with me now, in two weeks he’ll be sent to Mississippi to sit his time. My apartment is afloat in furniture I need to do away with, and I’ve lost all confidence in any kind of American justice system.

I went to Finland, I forgot about things for a week. I somehow promised to move in with my mother this fall, despite what may be my better judgment.

I once again realized I have too many cats. I stopped baking (sad), I didn’t stop working out (proud). My roommate moved away and in the process I lost one of my best friends.  I started a love affair with San Diego.

That’s about that. I’m currently addicted to Spotify and home improvement projects, seriously crushing on Amy Merrick and her work, and determined to somehow stop being so restless… now you’re all caught up.

~6 month hiatus

I just went through and cleaned out about 60% of my posts from last year. Inspired by the amazing Amy Merrick and in an attempt to be less pithy of a person in general, I’ll give this blogging thing another try with less condescending gobeldigook and more things I actually do and care about. Hopefully some improved photography will follow as well. :) Here’s hoping.